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This project is part of the communicative and information strategy of the financial instrument of the European Community LIFE + for the European ecological network – Natura 2000.

Its aim is the transmission and delivery of information to the public as well as better implementation, management and conservation of Natura 2000 sites.

The archipelago has eleven Natura 2000 sites, covering land and sea area and support of important socio-economic activities in the region, nature tourism, farming and fishing. 

It is with this perspective that the SPNM proposed to develop various initiatives to promote and enhance the compatibility between the development of cultural and socio-economic activities of fishing, agriculture and nature tourism, the management of natural resources, hazardous area, habitats and species listed in the annexes of the directives that support the Natura 2000 network.
In partnership with SPEA and with the support of several interested parties (stakeholders), specific campaigns are being prepared from an ecological perspective so as to assist and guide the target groups, while ensuring the correct application of the most consistently respectful behaviour during such activities.

A variety of material will be distributed among these target groups through information and awareness activities with the aim of obtaining personal commitment from individuals for the conservation and promotion of local biodiversity in order to improve the economic activity and overall quality of life.

Intending that these actions reflect a behavioral modification in the whole society, the SPNM is aware that it will not be this project, per se, which will achieve the desired behavioral changes for a sustainable future, but considers it to be an important reinforcement in the construction of an informed society and ecologically sustainable future.

Specific objectives:

•    Ensuring compatibility and promoting the traditional economic activities and biodiversity in Natura 2000 sites

•    Adopt appropriate behavior for sustainable development

•    Increase social involvement in nature conservation

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