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Achieved Results

Presentation of results of the actions provided for in this project, are presented taking into account the various categories necessary to its implementation and enforcement, in accordance with the guidelines of the LIFE + financial instrument's bid.

These actions are divided into categories of administrative, Executive, preparatory and monitoring.



A. Management Actions

These actions are still in progress in a timely manner.

B. Preparatory actions

The preparatory actions are all completed.

B1. Stakeholders of the project

  • Institutional Stakeholders: 91
  • Individuals Stakeholders: 1496


B2. Publication of good practice guides

B3. B4. Interactive Multimedia Games

C. Communication and information campaigns

C1. Image of the project

Material distributed:

  • 1 000 Pocket schedules
  • agenda2012ecoagenda2012 eco_
  • 17 000 Tapes pulse
  • fitaseco-
  • 27 500 Bags of garbage collection
  • saco eco1
  • 10 000 Eco ashtrays
  • pocket ashtray 1
  • 2 000 Mouse pads
  • tapete de rato1
  • 550 T-shirts
  • t-shirts eco1  t-shirt verde1
  • 500 Vests
  • coletes polares1  homem  dsc06491
  • 70 Exhibitors in card
  • expositores de carto1  cartazeco1
  • 1123 Lanyards
  • lanyard eco1
  • 1041 Keyrings
  • chaveiro eco1
  • 902 Caps
  • bon eco
  • 1 000 Calendar Be Eco Compatible in fisheries
  • calendariopescas2013f01
  • 980 Calendar Be Eco Compatible in agriculture
  • calendario2013a01
  • 250 Schedule of events best practices applicable to ecotourism
  • planeadordeeventosfinalf153
  • 3 000 Stickers
  • autocolantestakeholder
  • 271 Decks of cards
  • baralhodecartas
  • 624 Notepad
  • blocoeco
  • 763 Pens
  • canetaseco1
  • 635 Cardboard folders
  • capa eco
  • 29 Cups
  • apresentacaocanecas
  • 400 Pen drive - 8Gb
  • memria usb


C2. Internet Web site

This action is completed on your main structure while remaining in constant updating of information and promoting constant interaction with the public through the monthly publication of a calendar wallpaper for PC with reference to best practices, and by a communication campaign on facebook the SPNM which already has more than 27 800 "friends" that accompany the news published.

Currently the number of visitors to the website of the project was largely exceeded the objectives proposed. In addition to published information is also disclosed to the network of stakeholders through the mailing list of the same.

We leave here a record of the release of Hip Hop video by nature in one of the communication campaigns of the SPNM's facebook reaching more than 26 000 persons.


alcance video eco


C3. Communication/awareness actions for agents linked to tourist activities of nature tourism

The action was implemented through individual contact with each agent, in events promoted by the SPNM, in the headquarters of the companies where they work and in the field when accompanying groups.

In total 42 stocks were held by contacting 540 agents and Nature guides with which action was performed for the transmission of messages from the project supported in the delivery of the good practice manual (in the form schedule events) or t-shirts, having been conducted 360 investigations with this group.


C4. Communication/awareness actions for coastal economic areas or populations traditionally linked to professional and recreational fishing and rural populations traditionally linked to agriculture or economic

This action took place on the direct approach to target groups, since it was found to be the most efficient approach to transmission of messages from the project.

With the production of manuals of best practice, in the form of wall calendars for farmers and fishermen, ran awareness-raising actions to target groups (farmers and fishermen), also combined with the collection of surveys and distribution of caps.

In total, 85 actions involving directly the 1 530 target groups, having been conducted 1 415 inquiries.

Some of these actions were accompanied by the beneficiary associated SPEA.




C5. Campaign for visitors / viewers of protected areas and species in the protected area

In this action were carried out 96 actions in Natura 2000 areas entry involving 12 314 visitors.

Were distributed in various actions, different vectors of information notably: 17 000 wrist tape, 10 000 Pocket ashtrays, 27 500 garbage bags.

Continue to operate the interactive multimedia kiosks, with respectively 26 811 hits on the center of Madeira's Petrel - Mountain Massif, 11 200 hits on reception center terminal of Ponta de São Lourenço, 2 255 hits on Desertas Island's and terminal 11 435 hits on service information centre of the Natural Park of Madeira; a total of 51 701 accesses.


campanha visitantes


C6. Campaign for visitors / viewers of protected areas and species outside protected areas

Currently, we have on our list 91 institutional stakeholders (private companies and public institutions) and 1 496 individual stakeholders.

This project has the high patronage of his Excellency the President of the Republic since August of 2013, after having verified, in loco, the presence of ocean waste resulting from anthropogenic action in protected areas of wood, deciding to support and encourage the good practices of the project through its image boosting an example to society, the individual and institutional title using the Presidential logo usage.

In this action were distributed the 70 panels produced and about 8 000 disclosure material kits composed of trash bags, wrist tape, eco ashtrays and/or stickers.

A total of 136 actions were developed through the direct action of the Executive team or by stakeholders for a total of 9 137 participants directly involved.


C7. Forums divulgation, discussion and exploration of the themes of the project

For this action resulted-if communication forums for local populations linked to fishing and rural means of different parishes within the project area.

With the production of decks of cards that are used in eco Championships and the "trophies" to offer winning teams (ceramic mug), contacts were made with local social bodies, namely "Civic Center", and "people's houses" in order to establish partnerships for eco Championships Irish Republican Eco Cards.

Thirteen Championships were held. The first was held outdoors (fishing community of Câmara de Lobos) and the second within a room (the farming community of Arco de São Jorge), where we decided to explore the topic through the travelling exhibition on the first and through the interactive games in the second. The remaining Championships were conducted along the same lines.

In total 13 actions have already been undertaken, involving some 376 participants.


  • at.pescadores  ecocartascl
  • production of a traveling exhibition for different topics (Nature Tourism, Agriculture and Fisheries)
  • conjunto_exposio4


C8. Seminar "Development and Biodiversity"

The seminar took place on the day May 8, 2015, open to the general public.

Was attended by 282 people and 7 guest speakers.

The day may 9, a ride aboard the vessel maritimo-tourism "VMT Madeira Catamaran" dedicated to whale watching into RAM. 

See our gallery of news to get more information about this seminar, and photo gallery.



E. Monitoring the impact of the project on the target groups and the problem detected

E1. Analysis of the impact of the project on the target groups through surveys

In this action, and for each of the target groups were made more inquiries than initially planned in the project.

In total held surveys the different 2 827 target groups, according to the resulting plan of action B5, namely:


A. agents and companies that develop tourist Activities Nature-84 (75)/ 86 (75);

B. Agents linked to Tourist Activities of nature-151 (143)/209 (143); 

C1. Populations of Coastal Economic Areas or Traditionally linked to Professional Fishing and playful-408 (380)/278 (278); 

C2. Rural populations Traditionally Agriculture-related or Economic-446 (380)/283 (278); 

D. visitors/observers from Sensitive areas and Species-486 (373); 

E. users seeking the services of Agents-396 (370).


p.s the values in parentheses are the number of provided surveys




E2. Monitoring in the field of project impact

The field monitoring have been completed as scheduled, through the control of invasive predators control stations in the nesting area of the Madeira's Petrel; refuse collection along the footpaths of the Pico do Areeiro and Ponta de São Lourenço; register of invasive species in the Laurissilva Forest; record of interactions between farmers and Laurel Pigeon, fishermen and Monk Seal.


F. Disclosure and dissemination of results of the project

F1. Project Website

Currently, the hit counter register 288 073 consultations on the page.


F2. Life + Information Panels 

In this action have been produced 7 info boxes on the project, namely 1 initial poster; rollup 1 informative with itinerant character; layout 1 to line the outside of 2 of the 4 multimedia kiosks and 3 layouts with more specific messages directed to each of the themes versed by the project (Monk Seal/garbage in the sea, Laurel Pigeon/invasive species/agriculture and Madeira's Petrel/Ecotourism that were printed in 5 outdoor boards and placed in strategic points of classified areas (Areeiro-RN 2000 Mountain Massif, RN 2000 Ponta de S. Lourenço, RN 2000 Pináculo/Garajau and the Ribeiro Frio-RN 2000 Laurissilva).

Noting the need to assist the C5 and C6 actions with the presence and distribution of messages of the project in areas sensitive to human presence and target species, were most 15 printed informational panels (5 of each layout described above).

It was found that although the campaigns have reached the tourist agents of nature closer to the observation of marine animals, with the publication of Regional Decree that regulates the observation of marine mammals, it is urgent that this information reaches marinas, particularly the pleasure boats from individuals of very particular about this subject in particular. 

In this way, 1000 were produced  bases of desk and 15 informative panels for distribution/placement at the marinas with specific information about the rules and the importance of applying the good practices by boats on the observation of marine mammals.


  • Poster for the divulgation of the project

  • Disclosure project Rollup/Natura 2000 in RAM and messages

  • Decorative Posters multimedia kiosk
  • Layouts with more specific messages directed to each of the themes: Monk Seal/trash in the sea/fishing, Laurel Pigeon/invasive species/agriculture and Madeira's Petrel/Ecotourism.
  • lobo marinho 50x60 painel agricultura 50x60 ecoturismo 50x60

Bases of desk

base de rato- cetaceos_1


Informative panels 

cartaz - cetaceos_1


F3. Report to the lay

The report "Layman's report" is available on the project's web page here


F4. Participation in events (national and international) for dissemination of the project and its results and in Kick-off Meeting with the Commission

In this action were exceeded the targets initially proposed on the participation in 1 international event, 5 national events and 44 regional character events, with more than 23 459 surroundings people.


F5. Divulgation of the project in the press and Regional Radios

This action has also been exceeded the goal proposed, with 47 currently printed publications, 5 radio programmes and 10 television programmes, for a total of 62 shares of public exposure. Management team's objective was to give prominence to the project and its actions where provided.


F6. Support publication of the newsletter of the SPNM 

In July 2013 and July 2014 were published in paragraphs 13 and 15 of the newsletter "conservation and Nature", with the patronage of the project.

These publications being Eco themes versam compatible on fishing and agriculture, respectively, using the layouts of the traveling exhibition produced. Printed-if 1000 copies of the Bulletin which were distributed free of charge throughout the region in places of great public visibility, as well as during the activities organized by the SPNM or in which he was present.

At the same time the digital versions are available on the project website and of SPNM, being widely circulated together of stakeholders by project via electronics and of SPNM's facebook "friends". The jackets were the problem of garbage in the sea and agricultural waste, respectively.

In this action have already been supported the 4 copies provided for in the project, the SPNM newsletter, it will not be funded any more even printing. Anyway, the news and information about the project are published in the newsletter continues to be produced by SPNM with resources to other sources of financing.




Our goals are to recall the good practices have on protected areas and support initiatives in favour of its use, for the benefit of biodiversity and socio-economic development. We present here the actions developed by institutional and individual stakeholders.



I proof of Sea-Ponta de São Lourenço


On July 13 there was the proof I th Mar Tip S. Lourenço - Open Water Swimming, an organization of the Swimming Club Madeira in partnership with the Natural Park of Madeira and Madeira Swimming Association.

The race began at 12 hours for the 1000m and 500m at 12:30 for departing and arriving at Cais do Sardinha - Ponta de São Lourenço.

A total of 12 swimmers participated in two federal-swimming and practitioners of Triathlon; and federated not supporters of open water swimming mode combining the practice of swimming with the nature.

Note that the Swimming Club Madeira is a stakeholder Institutional Project LIFE Eco Compatible and which promoted best practices among its practitioners!

It should be noted that this test comes in the wake of the CNM's goal to organize various events in open water swimming taking advantage of the natural resources of wood.


Levada da Silveira-Santana/paths to discover!


With the aim of promoting Levadas little-known and good environmental practices in the same, a stakeholder project Institutional Life Eco Compatible, initiated a set of activities that are taking place every weekend throughout the month of July in the municipality of Santana.

These discovery activities of nature and biodiversity will be held in the Levada da Silveira, in several days and with different themes.



 Inauguration Sea Monster

The June 26, 2013, was inaugurated on the Promenade near the bathing complex of Ponta Gorda, a work resulting from the partnership between the Office of the Natural Park of Madeira (SPNM) - Regional Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources and the Establishment Vila Mar - Institute Social Security Madeira, IP-RAM.

This work arises in the context of  Establishment Vila Mar - Social Security Institute Madeira, IP-RAM be a supporter of Project Life Eco compatible, that is, an stakeholder institutional of the SPNM liability project, which aims to promote good practice in protected areas towards socio-economic development and biodiversity.This work designated "Sea Monster" was prepared by the youth and teachers Establishment Vila Mar with trash collected in cleanup actions and aims to draw attention to the problem of waste at sea and the correct behavior to have.

By visiting this work, which subsequently will walk through all the municipalities of the island of Madeira, keep in mind that garbage at sea is a social problem, transversal and global, affecting socio-economic activities such as nature tourism and fishing activity. 

We can all contribute to changing attitudes and changing behavior!


 "Beach clean-up"- Fajã dos Padres

 The "Fajã dos Padres" while individual stakeholder project Life Eco Compatible, promoted on June 22 a cleaning action from the beach and the sea, as it does every year, with the collaboration of volunteers. This action arises, such as the responsible "with the awareness that our actions reverberate through generations and that the maintenance of environmental quality depends on everyone”.

The Madeira Natural Park Service joined the initiative and promoted an awareness action participants, referring to the project Life Eco compatible that promotes best practices in natural areas in socio-economic development and biodiversity.


"Underwater Nature Festival"

From 3 to 8 June the Galo Resort Hotels organized the first edition of "Underwater Nature Festival" which the Madeira Natural Park Service is a partner, with the aim to promote and raise awareness of the Natural Reserve of Garajau and recreational and sports activities which can be enjoyed in the area.

Was thus created a special program where during the days of the event were organized a set of recreational and sporting activities (baptisms, diving, snorkeling, kayak trips, bats, yoga on the beach and water aerobics classes at sea, as well as lectures on marine life, live music, and awareness-raising actions) for anyone interested, through prior registration in order to enjoy this protected space while raising awareness for its preservation.

It was also promoted an underwater photography contest, free participation, guided dives and lecture on the nature reserve of Garajau, on June 7, issued by Prof. Peter Wirtz.

On June 8, Saturday, the "Underwater Nature" Festival promoted an "Open Day" with a fun workshop of sea, beach and a barbecue at sunset, as well as the first race on Stand Up Paddle boards, SUP BOARD 1 referred to as "RACE". This unique race in the wood was played within the Natural Reserve of Garajau, departing from the Beach's cock, between experienced athletes.

The "Underwater Nature Festival", through the Galo Resort Hotels, institutional stakeholder, joined the project Life Eco Compatible of the Madeira Natural Park, taking advantage of this event as a platform for the dissemination of this project and with the goal of raising even more Stakeholders.


Warden day celebrations


Within the framework of the warden day celebrations, the Association of Nature Wardens promoted in February 2, a tour event to the protected area of Ponta São Lourenço. Under the theme "we are all warden" activity was attended by about 50 participants linked to companies, associations and clubs with activities in nature. Given the Association be an institutional Stakeholder Project Life Eco Compatible were performed some actions along the route that recalled the best practice to keep in natural spaces like that, and were also distributed some investigative materials associated with this project. It also raised individual and institutional Stakeholders.

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